We have the perfect solution for everything/everyone

Looking back over our company's 35-year history, the Westfalia Intralogistics Group is one of the leading all-round service providers for all industry sectors, from the foodstuffs industry, over printing, right through to the automotive industry.  Reliable storage and retrieval machines and the patented Satellite® technology  for the storage and order picking of pallets, rolls, cartons and trays have enabled Westfalia to establish itself successfully on the market.

To deliver "everything from one source" is a claim which encompasses the task of a main contractor. Westfalia has set itself this task –  the logistics solutions for investors from all sectors of the industry range from designing the system, which requires intensive consultation, over its production, right up to its installation and requires a broad spectrum of loading automation technologies in addition to standard warehouse logistics.

The beating heart at the centre of every logistics system is the warehouse management system. With the objective target of smooth goods and information flows within the supply chain, Westfalia, a certified partner of Microsoft and software partner of SAP, has been offering its customers software that meets the highest demands for control and information safety for years.

Not only the maintenance of machines, but also the optimisation of the performance of older units are services which satisfy the most important requirements of customers, thus guaranteeing longer-lasting satisfaction: Quality, safety, reliability.

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