Westfalia is automating Cool Port 2 in Rotterdam

Intralogistics specialist Westfalia is currently automating a 6-aisle, 41 meter high deep-freeze high-bay warehouse in Rotterdam. Kloosterboer's Cool Port 2 with 60,000 rack positions will be commissioned in January 2022.

Delivered within Budget and in Time

Westfalia modernizes high-bay candle warehouse of Richard Wenzel GmbH & Co. KG with 4,000 rack positions

Westfalia Partner of the 28th NOVENTI OPEN

Four top ten professionels around tennis superstar Roger Federer at the 28th NOVENTI OPEN

Automated warehouse with 2,500 rack spaces for Tönnies in Badbergen

The new Tönnies warehouse went into operation on time at the end of June 2020 — as the automated hub of one of the most modern beef production and logistics centers in the world.

Westfalia celebrates seminal

Presents for the 50th company anniversary of the intralogistics specialist from Borgholzhausen: As of 1 January 2023, it will relocate offices, warehouse, production and test stand from its site in Industriestrasse to the IBV.

Remote commissioning for Kloosterboer

Despite the limitations imposed due to the Corona pandemic on schedule: remote commissioning for the Kloosterboer automated highbay coldstore.

Double storage capacity for Ammerland

Ammerland eG dairy of Wiefelstede-Dringenberg has been producing high-quality dairy products ever since 1885. In 2020, Ammerland doubled the storage capacity by another 24,500 rack spaces with Westfalia Technology.

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