Using smart technologies and our logistics systems, we develop and implement all kinds of warehouse logistics solutions with impressively simple and straightforward material flows. We design and produce our storage, conveyor and order picking systems in-house in Borgholzhausen. From East Westphalia to the world, true to our motto: Logistics. Made in Germany.

Our customers are challenged daily by the demand for ever-higher quality combined with guaranteed on-time delivery. Our systems help you address these and other requirements and respond in logistical terms to future market developments.

We plan each project with you, take care of the implementation and offer a one-stop experience wherever possible. We use our services to create cost-effective solutions for your specific task, from standardised systems through to fully customised set-ups. You benefit from our decades of experience in warehouse logistics, our process-oriented and, more importantly, integral approach and the knowledge gained from having already implemented several hundred fully automated storage systems.

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Warehouse types

When it comes to deciding on the right type of warehouse for you, what ultimately counts are your specific structural and design propositions, the identified, weighted criteria, and the logistical data and key figures. Westfalia has the expertise needed to create comprehensive system solutions.


With our pioneering innovations in automated warehouse logistics, our floor-bound and off-floor machines are designed to optimise your procurement, production and distribution logistics processes. Find out about our technologically advanced storage and retrieval machines and load handling devices.

Conveyor systems

Are you aiming to achieve a continuous, smooth flow of materials within your intralogistics processes? Our modern conveyor systems offer a high degree of automation. They can be used anywhere within your facility, speeding up processes and offering full automation right through to the truck.

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