There is enormous potential for optimisation in the intralogistics process chain, especially at the interfaces between the processes. Using modern Westfalia technologies to intelligently interconnect your production and storage facilities and the order picking and loading zones you may release additional potential. Depending on the type of loading device, either standardized or individually designed conveyor systems can be used. These are made up of individual conveyor units. To ensure reliable materials flow, checking stations are integrated into the storage process.


The nature of the loading devices used determines which conveyor units need to be used. There is a basic distinction between lengthwise and crosswise transportation of pallets. The friction required to move a pallet, and therefore the unit load, plays a decisive role.

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Modern loading and unloading systems form the link between the loading dock and the truck. Our innovative technologies automate goods turnover and allow fast, smooth loading and unloading in just a few minutes.

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