We have always focused our activities on building on our technology leadership in multi-deep systems for goods storage. Our technology development is based on the ever-changing requirements of the market, particularly in certain industries. Our logistics-oriented thoughts and actions are reflected throughout our product range, with both intralogistics solutions and offerings for the entire supply chain.

The result is broad-based applications which replace or enhance conventional storage system solutions and do not end at the shipping and receiving dock. SRMs can also be replaced in their functional axes by vertical conveyors and transfer cars to meet specific project requirements.

In all cases, we use the load handling devices that suit the application at hand, facilitating single-deep, double-deep or multi-deep storage. Our strengths lie in implementing storage systems both with and without load make-up accessories, with our customers particularly likely to use DIN EN wooden pallets or H1 plastic pallets for goods handling.

Storage and retrieval machines

As we manufacture the machines and systems in our own production facilities, you benefit from our custom manufacturing and the design flexibility which goes along with this. With our test building for SRMs, we set quality standards that help ensure a positive project outcome.

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Load handling devices

Both our in-house and purchased products are subject to quality checks. This may even include testing in complex, practical environments in the case of innovations. The customer provides the unit loads that best meet the actual conditions in such instances.

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