The load handling device is the technological medium for receiving and delivering goods. When used in automated storage systems, it serves as the interface between the storage and retrieval machine (SRM) and racking. The unit loads determine the type of load handling device and the technology used. Telescopic forks, roller and chain conveyors and shuttles are typically used for palletised goods.

The Satellite® is the load handling device with the widest field of application. It not only moves independently of the SRM, but can also autonomously deliver and receive pallets at transfer points depending on its design. The channel depths of our Satellite® storage systems can be freely selected according to the specific project. 

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Double-deep telescopic forks are used instead of single-deep forks to increase utilization in depth direction of the storage space. The further out a load handling device telescopes from the SRM, the greater the quality demands. A suitable degree of precision is needed to store pallets in a rack compartment.

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