Even large industrial spaces have their limits, thus warehouses in rack supported building design are an ideal concept. There are various types of racking solutions with manual forklift operation as well as semi-automated or fully automated systems. Even though modern technology is shifting boundaries upwards, forklifts cannot be used to store and retrieve palletised goods on racks above a certain height.

Intelligent use of space is essential, particularly in existing industrial facilities with buildings already in place and limited plant grounds. To avoid having to shift facilities elsewhere, we first recommend drawing up a master plan that can map out the details for your storage project. With our storage systems and SRMs, we are especially well positioned to offer professional support and supply the necessary systems for existing self-supporting buildings.

SRM is an all-encompassing term for machines used to store and retrieve goods on racks. Westfalia can provide SRMs in both conventional floor-bound and innovative off-floor versions. This ensures each system solution is the best fit for the particular project requirements.


Quality is our aspiration. In order to honour this commitment at all times, our mechanical and electrical technicians and engineers ensure ongoing development of our SRM standards.

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Aviator® - flurfreies Regalbediengerät

Flexibility is our strength. To meet the needs of the market, our experts develop completely new SRM technology to suit specific customers and industries.

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