The simplest forms of high-density storage in warehouse technology are drive-in and drive-through high-bay systems. Conventional flow-through storage systems, where goods are transported via gravity roller conveyor, also serve as buffer storage. Conventional forklifts are used within these kinds of storage systems. On the other hand, driven flow-through storage systems are often equipped with two automated storage and retrieval machines (SRM).

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In the case of Satellite® storage systems (channel storage), the technology revolves around the SRM and, in particular, the associated load handling device, the Satellite®. Two or more unit loads are lined up behind each other in a rack channel on what are known as satellite rails, which provide double, triple or even multiple levels of support. We choose the right type of satellite depending on the application.

Westfalia sets standards when it comes to maximising storage capacity and continues to focus on developing space-saving system solutions. This includes integrating order-picking zones into high-density storage systems. Typically, goods are made available to order pickers via gravity roller conveyor in an order-picking tunnel for pallet build-up.  

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