Single-deep high-bay warehouses with forklift trucks are the most widely used storage systems. These manually operated warehouses are being replaced by semi- and fully-automated storage systems in situations in which it makes commercial sense to invest in a higher degree of automation. The annual utilisation period is a major factor in each of these economic considerations.

Besides the throughput requirements, the storage capacity to be achieved is another key decision-making criterion. Greater pallet rack density means better usage of space. This is often achieved through a double-deep arrangement in a high-bay warehouse. In terms of technology, fully automated storage and retrieval machines (SRM) are incorporated. These use a telescopic fork or table as a load handling device.

Besides customary market standards, Westfalia also offers you fully customised automated storage solutions involving telescopic forks. Spatial conditions are often decisive in this case, especially where existing building complexes are involved.

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