All over the world, water is one of the oldest, and most popular, thirst quenchers. But there are enormous differences between the different types, sources, and above all qualities of water.

One well-established water bottler is our customer Premium Waters, Inc. from Douglas in the USA, who in 2007, after investing in a new bottling and distribution centre, implemented a storage system in an existing building that was to be refurbished. To generate maximum storage capacity while using the space available, a 1-aisle compact warehouse with two storage and retrieval machines was constructed. Equipped with long Satellites®, they provide multiple conveyance of unit loads so that double loads can be stored or retrieved at a time.

Transparent goods tracking

The warehouse has a total of 6,500 pallet rack positions for GMA and CHEP pallets. These are stored and distributed via the warehouse management and material flow control software Savanna.NET®. This provides maximum transparency in stock and goods tracking at any time. Savanna.NET® is also used to track pallet movements by means of floor vehicles such as forklifts or manual elevator vehicles.

Further growth of the company in the future is also ensured thanks to the handling and storage capacities that are in place. Availability and handling of particularly heavy unit loads are ensured by triple support in the compartment.


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