This corporate philosophy is the basis of our customer support. Back-office and field staff activities are closely aligned. Our experts will personally introduce you to all solutions we can provide for you. Talking to your experts, you can then select exactly those service packages that meet your company’s requirements. That way, we make sure that the overall service is tailored to your specific needs and meets all requirements of your system, too.

Our support levels include a number of service packages providing varying degrees of availability around the clock. Training your employees really matters to us, so that we can ensure they are even more comfortable using your system and/or to help you comply with statutory regulations on occupational health and safety. Inspections are essential preventive measures for avoiding system failures, above all when it comes to electromechanical, IT and steel racking systems. We can also carry out annual safety checks on storage and retrieval machines, vertical conveyors and transverse transport vehicles on your behalf.

To offer you the best possible service, we have set up a number of service bases with local technicians throughout Germany. Our service fleet, an extensive pool of vehicles equipped with appropriate tools, is ready for action any time


24/7 hotline

If you need any support, our experts are at your service around the clock.

Training courses

We offer theoretical and practical training courses that help ensure safe handling of your system.


Regular safety checks and inspections are important to keep an eye on the exact condition of your plant. 

IT inspections

Our IT specialists help ensure the functionality of your storage system through remote and on-site preventive measures.