Modernization & expansion

Your warehouse logistics is central to your economic success. You are faced with the entrepreneurial decision of whether to invest in the existing plant or in a new one. Often the old plant no longer corresponds to the state of the art and needs to be adapted to current requirements to comply with the necessary safety standards based on industrial safety regulations. On the other hand, building a completely new plant involves considerable investment. Therefore, it is important to consider whether a general overhaul, possibly including an expansion of the storage system, is worthwhile.

Here are some reasons for modernizing, converting and expanding storage systems

Modernization, conversion or expansion can be advisable or even inevitable for a number of reasons:

  • Improving economic efficiency through high planning reliability, availability and dependability
  • Increasing plant performance
  • Avoiding system downtimes
  • Expanding storage capacities
  • Ensuring personnel safety
  • Complying with rules and regulations


Types of modernization — what to observe

We differentiate between four types of modernization which alter the system to varying degrees. If necessary, these can also include modernization of your warehouse management and material flow control software, ranging from component replacement to expansion focusing on the interface from the old to the new system. Next to the manufacturer, it is primarily the operator who is required to provide the relevant documentation. We can recommend the optimal measures for your plant in each case.


Component replacement

Replacing obsolete components with spare parts having the same function at an identical level of safety.


We can replace obsolete components with new ones reflecting the current state of technology.


Conversion will align your intralogistics with new tasks and possibilities. 


We can expand your system during operation and ensure smooth implementation.

Retrofitting with foresight

We will provide you with a realistic view of the state of your existing plant and show you the possibilities to prolong the life cycle of your plant under economic aspects. See for yourself the benefits of viable modernization solutions. We meet our obligations as a manufacturer and can support you as plant operator to comply with operational safety. Complying with the Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV), we will recommend modernization measures that can avoid significant modifications of the plant.


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