Automated high-density storage systems are highly complex and only as good as the quality of each individual component. For example, about ten percent of the electrical and mechanical components of a storage and retrieval machine need to be checked and replaced at regular intervals to ensure that the system continues to operate reliably and efficiently. This includes heavily stressed components such as chains or rollers.

A reliable system also increases the motivation, satisfaction, and thereby the performance of its operators. Our service technicians work closely with your specialized personnel to discover and permanently eliminate all weaknesses in an automated logistics system.

With us you will be ready:  We are committed to ensuring short delivery times, high quality components, and immediate replacement of parts. Furthermore, we ensure planning reliability and maximum system availability based on thorough information. We keep you informed through up-to-date status reports to keep your warehouse running.


Secure your own planning advantage

  • Red flag warning based on inspection: We carry out inspections tailored to each customer as well as to the size of the plant. Our customer service representatives always have an eye on the improvement options of the system, and will inform you in due time when components should be replaced.
  • Maintenance through prevention: Within the scope of the service contracts, we inspect and replace the components on time, thereby avoiding any system downtimes. This enables us to achieve the highest system availability (also see Retrofit).
  • Vendor-independent component replacement: We keep track of the spare parts market and replace components both in our own and third-party systems.
  • Convenient service: Customers send us defective parts, we handle the entire processing. 
  • Holistic view: We always view the system holistically, i.e. we inspect all electrical and mechanical parts in terms of their interaction with each other.
  • Short delivery times: Due to the fact that our reliable suppliers ship directly to our customers, we ensure particularly short delivery times and secure planning.
  • Own control systems: We quickly and reliably replace control-system components thanks to our own control engineering including PLC programming.
  • Software is always up to date: When required, we update your existing Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System or expand the Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control Software to a Savanna.NET® WES..
  • Flexible maintenance schedules: Our teams respond and adapt to the customer’s schedules and special supply chain needs to ensure the ability to plan inspections and replace parts even during periods of increasing sales and warehouse throughput.



Secure your cost advantage

  • Low repair and follow-up costs: Service agreements reduce the costs of repairs and spare parts as well as follow-up costs that would otherwise occur due to machine failures.
  • Affordable full packages: We offer spare part packages instead of the need to purchase expensive single components. In addition, we offer a warranty on all replaced parts as per our General Terms and Conditions.
  • Minimized operational downtimes: Our experienced service personnel ensure that the operational downtime required for component replacement is kept to a minimum. If required, we offer express repairs on site and rental equipment, such as Satellite® or frequency converters.
  • Low documentation costs: Operational safety is often maintained without “significant changes” to the plant. Additional documentation expenses are therefore not incurred.


Component replacement

  • Jamal Al Hruck is part of a dynamic team in the Service Department at Westfalia. The team continually improves on and expands their customer collaboration and outstanding service quality. Perfectly operating storage systems, satisfied customers, and the long-term customer partnerships are therefore the standard with which both he and the entire Westfalia Service Department process their orders each and every day.

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