Offering new products, changing packaging dimensions, or changing or increasing your production capacity will significantly influence your warehouse logistics. The height of the rack spaces can be too low, the manner in which the warehouse is used may no longer be suitable, or the throughput is no longer sufficient. Is the construction of a new building too expensive?

Allow us to review whether your existing plant would be better served by a conversion or an expansion. This will allow you to save money compared to starting a project “from scratch”. You can quickly and efficiently modify your automated storage system to suit your requirements and align transport routes and logistics processes to your production system. In addition, you may save time-consuming approval procedures because you will be using the existing structures as a basis.

Good arguments for a conversion

Whether or not it makes sense to convert your existing storage system or your logistics will be determined by a feasibility study. Our experts will base their work on your logistics requirements and, in doing so, will individually develop a sustainable concept. A conversion can make sense, or even be necessary, for a variety of reasons:

  • A product change or alteration, e.g. changing the packaging dimensions or the type packaging
  • Change of use, e.g. the subsequent integration of a picking area
  • New performance requirements, e.g. increasing the throughput
  • Logistics changes, e.g. alteration of material flow routes
  • Increasing capacities (an expansion could also make sense here)
  • A conversion due to age (in connection with a retrofit)



One conversion, lots of possibilities

Instead of installing new conveyor technology, we plan and execute the topological changes in your existing warehouse. We will reconfigure the conveyor technology, create more direct routes, and will thereby optimize the storage and retrieval process. As a result, a converted warehouse can handle more pallets each hour and therefore significantly increase the throughput. Moreover, we adapt conveyor lines, material flow, and rack spaces to new load carrier and product formats.

If necessary, we will re-integrate your production logistics and thereby optimize your material flows. Or we will retool your warehouse technology to suit new products, for example when changing from a deep-freeze warehouse to a normal temperature warehouse. The changes may create new requirements for the operational safety. We will integrate the safety concept of the conversion into the overall system and avoid unnecessary costs for its operational safety. Regardless if you intend to automate or improve your block warehouse, flow-through storage system, paper roll warehouse, easy-access storage, deep-freeze or fresh-product storage, we turn your ideas into concepts that will inspire you. In addition, as a general contractor we will execute these concepts quickly and competently.

Providing tried-and-tested holistic solutions for more than 50 years

As one of the leading intralogistics providers for companies of all sizes, we provide complete solutions for your intralogistics needs. Our competent and experienced team will accompany you from the project planning phase to completion, meeting all of your requirements such as rack planning and assembly, control system construction, manufacturing and installation of conveyor units and storage and retrieval machines, programming of the warehouse execution software and the related Wortmann AG hardware from our own group of companies.



This is how we convert your intralogistics

Depending on the level of complexity and scope of the project, the feasibility check and the conceptualization phase may take from a few days to several weeks. You will receive a clear picture of whether or not the conversion is a realistic option. Even the duration of the actual conversion phase is largely dependent on the complexity of the project. Our goal is generally to have a minimal effect on the operational processes. We offer the necessary specialist personnel for all mechanical, electrical, PLC control, software, rack planning and assembly, as well as plant safety requirements.

Conversions are always highly specific projects. However, proper planning pays off. With the requisite experience of the assigned intralogistics specialists, a conversion can save you essential investment funding, personnel expenditure, and a high level of internal planning capacity.



  • Martin Schaper has been working for Westfalia for more than 30 years, initially for 15 years in the project planning of new systems. He then took on new challenges in the area of modernization. His areas of specialization include the conversion and expansion of automated storage systems. He is motivated by developing successful blueprints for satisfied customers who thereby save both costs and effort.

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