Savanna.NET® can be deployed either as a comprehensive software solution or as a test platform and is capable of being expanded as your company grows and requires further work process automation. Before choosing a new Warehouse Management System (WMS), you should evaluate your current inventory management system and processes to ensure you get the most out of the new technology.

  • Do you wish to add material flow control functionality to your existing warehouse management software?
    With Savanna.NET®, you can continue to use your familiar warehouse management solution by activating only the material flow control functions.
  • Do you not yet have any automation and initially require just warehouse management software?
    You can start by using only the warehouse management functionality of Savanna.NET® and then enable the material flow control as and when needed.



  1. Consulting:   To ensure a successful WES implementation, we analyse together with you the business processes that the new system should map and improve. We consider this joint understanding, together with the documentation of existing processes and the experience to derive new solutions for the automation and improvement of current and future operations, as one of our core competencies in a project-
  2. Project:  A typical Savanna.NET® installation takes between 2 and 12 weeks. If extensive customisations are needed, you should plan on a longer implementation process. We maintain continual dialogue with you during the project. Our in-house team of software developers works with you to ensure a smooth implementation and quality results. We assemble an interdisciplinary project team for your solution. Its specific make-up varies according to your needs and the complexity of your desired solution. We assign a senior project manager to serve as your dedicated contact for all logistics and software-specific queries for the entire duration of the project. They develop the ideal solution for your company together with you and a team assembled specifically for your project.
  3. Follow-up: Westfalia is your reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle of your warehouse operation. Our business principle is to assist you in your daily operations at all times, whether through our 24/7 live support or the fast and uncomplicated processing of follow-up orders aimed at further expanding your business process automation. A specially trained team is ready at all times to receive and deal with your requirements, suggestions and requests, regardless of the current daily workload.


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