Westfalia has been integrating warehouse management systems into existing customer processes for several decades. This calls for a process- and interface-oriented approach and integration. Savanna.NET® closes the gaps in your company through data-oriented interfaces for communication with other in-house systems and through internal interfaces that connect the Savanna.NET® functional units.

Interface for material flow automation

Savanna.NET® communicates efficiently with various types of automated material handling equipment and transport vehicles via a standardised interface. Savanna eliminates the need for separate WMS/WCS applications with its integrated systems. The WCS functions of Savanna.NET® manage the orchestration of the equipment to store, retrieve and transport your items and products. Savanna assigns specific jobs via an internal interface to the software functionalities responsible for the material flow, which dynamically calculate the most efficient route through your warehouse based on how things currently stand.

Host system integration

By exchanging various messages, Savanna.NET® can communicate with any ERP system. Defined data standards enable full exchange of information between the two systems. The integration is based on functional and process analysis that we conduct together with you. Connection to common ERP systems such as Baan, MS-Dynamics and SAP is possible as standard, along with the specific linking of any other system via our proven interfaces:

  • File transfer (data exchange between two computers via the file system)
  • Socket communication (data exchange of applications directly via network)
  • Database-to-database coupling (direct communication between databases)
  • Web services (data exchange via modern web technologies)



Customisation within Savanna.NET® traditionally focuses on the implementation of customer-specific processes as well as mapping customer usage data that may be necessary to accommodate the unique aspects of your company’s business.  The Savanna framework takes the risk of out this by allowing you to test adjustments and expansions to standard processes that meet the needs of your company.

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