The increasing dynamics of economic conditions poses great challenges for logistics management nowadays. Given growing time pressure, fluctuating order volumes, high product diversity and the commitment to operate in a cost-conscious, sustainable and reliable manner, intralogistics is placing the focus on customised solutions which benefit the system user. Smooth process workflows have top priority.

Customised software solutions

The warehouse management software is the most important success factor and also the heart of a logistics system. Ever-growing demands in many industries can only be managed with the aid of a system precisely tailored to the company's needs and requirements.

Warehouse Execution System: two warehouse solutions in one

The Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) offers an integrated set of warehouse management and material flow control functionalities within a single application. The tightly integrated functions allow the system to handle transaction processing between the applications with increased efficiency as well. Savanna.NET® is able to simplify warehouse application communications and controls, while greatly reducing the complexity of utilising several function-specific applications. As an integrated solution, Savanna.NET® has many distinct advantages over separately implemented warehouse management and material flow control systems.

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  • Maximum exploitation of the benefits of automated systems with increased inventory accuracy and reduced labour costs.
  • Scalable solutions: implement only the functionality needed to meet your business needs.
  • Flexibility to interface with other applications and host-based systems, such as ERP systems, PLCs and virtual environments, and connect to web-based services.
  • Customisations available for customer-specific processes, rules and interfaces required to accommodate needs unique to your operations.
  • Use of a central application boosts consistency and data transparency and typically requires a shorter learning curve for those operating the system.


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