The modular concept of Savanna.NET® provides exactly that piece of the jigsaw puzzle which has been missing in your IT environment so far. This is how exactly the required functionalities are realised and data redundancies are avoided.

Westfalia has been integrating warehouse management systems into existing customer processes for several decades. We will be happy to show you a reference system with concrete projects if you are interested.

The basis of the integration is a functional and process analysis or a software requirement specification, which we create together with you. Interfaces for connection to standard ERP systems such as e.g. Baan, MS-Dynamics, SAP etc. are possible by using the .NET framework.

Proven Interfaces

  • File transfer (data exchange between two computers via the file system)
  • Socket communication (data exchange of applications directly via network)
  • Database-to-database coupling (direct communication and control between databases)
  • Serial communication (data exchange via serial interfaces and telegrams)
  • Web services (data exchange via modern web technologies)

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