Savanna.NET® controls the movement, storage and retrieval of materials within a warehouse. The software’s core warehouse management functions incorporate inventory management, batch management and tracking, order fulfilment and product movement as well as traceability. Savanna.NET® performs the administrative tasks associated with inventory within a warehouse. The warehouse management functions minimise costs and processing times through the efficient management of warehouse inventory, space, equipment and people.

Easily maintain an overview

The central Savanna.NET® database knows each unit load and its loads. Thus, it is possible to converge pallets from different storage areas in the right loading order for a lorry.

Savanna.NET® sends all information about inventory changes to the superordinate ERP system via an optional interface (.connect). This way the available stock is known at all times and the customers can be optimally supplied.


  • Standard receiving processes
  • Advice note processing in receiving
  • Cross-docking
  • Seamless connection to ERP systems via a multitude of data-oriented interfaces
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Complete management of all items and batches within the system
  • Communication with the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for automation
  • Integration with all peripherals as well as printers, labellers and other automated equipment
  • Creation, management and sending of barcode and shipping label information

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