Westfalia pallet conveyor systems are defined by their flexible and modular construction, which can be adapted to local conditions at any site. Accessibility issues are addressed right from the start of the design process in order to simplify inspection and maintenance. Optimum control of the individual conveyor units ensures safe, energy-saving and low-noise pallet transportation.

Our standard range covers use in different temperature zones. Transportation of different pallet types (euro, industrial, Düsseldorf, plastic, and custom pallets) is included in the standard version, which can handle a payload of up to 1,200 kg per unit load. System versions for heavy and special loads can be produced in our own facility if required.


Vertical conveyors


A vertical conveyor is a key unit in any transportation and storage system. In high-bay warehouses, it may have to service heights of more than 25 m (82 ft). Standard conveyor designs are insufficient in such applications.

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Transfer cars


Transfer cars are used for horizontal transportation. These transfer cars replace the continuous conveyors and change-of-direction conveyors at certain points in a system so that complex material flows can be mapped efficiently.

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Continuous conveyors


Continuous conveyors are assemblies that create a continuous material flow in the pick-up and drop-off of unit loads; they have equipment at fixed locations. The actual conveyors can be either rollers or chains.

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Change-of-direction conveyors


To change the direction in which the load is travelling, change-of-direction conveyors are used. The pallet running direction is maintained for turntables while it rotates by 90 degrees for angular transfers.

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Feeding and checking stations


Before the unit loads are fed in, they are checked to ensure that they are suitable for the handling system. This step is indispensable, as it ensures the safety of the system and avoids disruptions in the conveyor and storage systems. 

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Pallet magazines


Pallet magazines can be an important component in a material flow system. Their purpose is to automatically feed in empty pallets or create stacks of empty pallets in order to make pallet handling even more efficient. 

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