Businesses who want to increase productivity and respond quickly to market developments need efficient automated warehouse logistics that

  • are more effective and secure;
  • reduce cost;
  • accelerate throughput and delivery times;
  • reduce process errors;
  • ensure permanent inventory control.


Automated storage systems are the means of choice for a raw materials warehouse, a production buffer for a high variety of products or small batch sizes along the supply chain, or a finished goods warehouse for a minimum quantity level with guaranteed fast delivery times.

If you work with a high volume of items with a medium level of diversity, then double- or high-density storage is what you are looking for. This involves storing multiple storage units one behind the other in rack channels. Such a solution vastly increases storage density and capacity – while significantly reducing the amount of space required.

Integrate Seamlessly and Save Space

Suitable logistics space is scarce and expensive, and there may be little room to expand on existing plots. Westfalia’s automated storage systems can grow to heights of up to 40 meters or more. They are carefully planned, taking into account the processes, material flows, and layouts of existing properties. And they can be scaled to meet future operational requirements. Manual warehouses integrate seamlessly with automated logistics systems.

Thanks to Westfalia’s patented Satellite® load handling device, storage depth is only dependent on the desired access frequency. The load handling devices can disengage from the storage and retrieval machine and move as deep as required into the rack channels to store and retrieve goods on load carriers such as pallets, or even without pallets. Conveyor technology like roller and chain conveyors, transfer cars and vertical conveyors form the interfaces and, in storage systems, the zones for incoming/outgoing goods, order picking and replenishment.


High Storage Density, High Product Diversity

High-density warehouses are ideal for single-variety items and products without an expiry date. However, products with a high level of diversity and items with a use-by date requiring precisely timed storage and retrieval can also be stored in a high-density setup by using the right storage and redistribution strategies, as mapped by our Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES). This also allows for special approaches such as pairing and emergency storage strategies for maintenance during warehouse operation. The WES can also reserve sections of a high-bay warehouse for retrieval for automated, overnight truck scheduling, for example.

Line-efficient, compact storage, warehouse consolidation, smaller outer surfaces and the reduction of aisles and vehicles reduce the energy expenditure for normal temperature, chilled and deep-freeze warehouses. Different temperature zones can be integrated into a single warehouse. In times of fragile supply chains and calls for climate neutrality, Westfalia warehouses are an important step towards corporate sustainability.

As a general contractor, Westfalia plans, designs, produces and implements its storage systems, offering a one-stop solution combined with more than 50 years of expertise specific to the food, beverage, packaging and other industries.

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