Our automated telescopic storage systems meet your needs according to your specific assortment of items and stock turnover. Furthermore, the respective logistical and planning set-up must also be considered when looking at a procurement, production or finished goods warehouse. Individual solutions are worked out for your specific project.

Our technology is incorporated into the warehouse logistics depending on how your warehouse is used. In a procurement warehouse, the turnover rate per hour is usually comparatively lower than that of other warehouses. In this case, special single-bay storage systems with just one storage and retrieval machine for palletised goods may make commercial sense.

The benefits for you

  • Fast storage and retrieval of unit loads thanks to direct access
  • Greater pallet rack density through redistribution in the case of double-deep storage
  • Option of single-bay or double-deep storage systems
  • Warehouse logistics with our technology for individual tasks


Telescopic fork


We determine the appropriate load handling technology based on the requirements and compartment depth.   

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