As “multitools”, automated storage systems must dynamically adjust to supply and demand. Designed to accommodate a large number of goods, they must be capable of handing

  • several load carriers
  • of different sizes,
  • loads and packing heights
  • ideally without pallets

at the same time. Some industries such as the corrugated cardboard industry store goods on a large area and in stacks. Depending on its position in the material flow, the warehouse needs to hold the necessary stock of raw materials and finished goods available, or fulfil a buffer or replenishment function along the production line.

Our load handling devices can handle different load carriers, sizes and high loads in normal temperature warehouses, refrigerated warehouses or deep-freeze warehouses. Depending on the task and access frequency, either our proprietary Satellite® or telescopic fork is used.



Our patented Satellite® load handling device is designed for multi-deep, particularly compact storage of high loads and a large variety of formats with and without load carriers.

Telescopic fork

Telescopic forks allow high access frequency for conveying and storage technology. We provide durable brand products equipped and set up for the relevant usage site.

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