The Satellite® is a load handling device developed specifically by Westfalia for multi-deep storage of goods in high-bay warehouses. Goods are stored crosswise or lengthwise depending on the type of pallet and selected rack grid. The number of supporting points is defined in this context. More stable storage through additional satellite rails boosts availability in automated storage systems.

Choosing the right satellite® for the channel storage system

We equip SRMs with multiple load handling devices to considerably improve throughput in our storage systems. Particularly long Satellites® are also used to take more than one unit load. This speeds up storage and retrieval operations as well. However, the type of satellite chosen not only depends on availability and throughput requirements, but also a holistic consideration taking into account economic aspects in particular.

We use very flat-mounted Satellites® to handle warehouse logistics tasks in storage areas with height restrictions. We might select, for instance, our chain satellites for these, which also allow for fast drop-off and handover cycles. Lift satellites are an option in simple applications where the pallet quality is correspondingly good. For special system solutions, we either work with our Development department to modify the existing technology or develop a new Satellite® for you. 

The benefits for you

  • As a manufacturer, we offer you "Logistics. Made in Germany"
  • Quality assurance through factory test environments
  • System can be configured for goods with and without load make-up accessories
  • Storage with standard or special pallet types

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