A telescopic fork can be used to move and store unit loads weighing up to 1,500 kg in total in single- and double-deep storage systems. When handling palletised goods, two prongs ensure secure and fast SRM access.

We choose the telescopic fork for you which provides the maximum required load-bearing capacity and ensures minimal deflection. These requirements are specified to ensure you get the right load handling device for your specific project. There are many factors considered when making a decision, including freezing temperatures, anti-slip features, optimised installation heights and optional equipment.

The benefits for you

  • Option of choosing between standardised and customised parts
  • Particularly but not exclusively suited to single- and double-deep storage systems
  • No need for supporting beams in depth direction due to a different height grid in the storage rack
  • Load-bearing capacity and durability assured thanks to robust, hard-wearing telescopic technology

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