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On the pulse of the industry

Since 1971, we have known our core industries: food, beverage, packaging, paper and corrugated cardboard. Over the decades, new industries have been added and our storage and handling technologies have proven themselves in other areas. For example, for wood building products or automated parking garages for car-free city centers. We know what drives these industries. Together, we have raised warehouse logistics to a new level. And in the process, we have revolutionized multi-deep storage. Thanks to our more than 500 customers worldwide.

Because you ask the questions that make our solutions even better. Because you help write the success story of Westfalia systems every day. Because you subject Westfalia storage systems and materials handling technology to the toughest test of all: continuous operation. By placing your trust in us. By always going the extra mile and working with us to implement sustainable automated storage systems for the future.

Warehouse technology and values that connect

We have more in common with our customers than just storage technology: reliability, responsibility and values for a sustainable future. We grow with the challenges of your business. Always with an eye for detail. And a vision for the big picture. What challenges are you facing in your warehouse logistics? Let us help you find an answer that will be sustainable and viable tomorrow - our automated high-bay warehouses.