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Simply safe in the high-bay warehouse

Safe operation of storage and conveyor systems is essential. Our modular warehouse execution system, Savanna.NET®, is intuitive to use, even at its most advanced. We train your intralogistics team to use it. After our training, your team will be able to master the automated storage system, generate data reports, issue goods, dispatch, book or pick goods.

In addition to plant operation, we provide the theoretical and practical training required by law for your employees. These must be repeated and verified annually. They cover safe entry and work in the high-bay warehouse with the mandatory use of "Personal Protective Equipment against Falls from a Height (PPEgA)".

We train in the safe handling and use of harnesses, lanyards, fixed ladder systems and fall arrest systems, as well as the use of lifelines for work at height. The training program also includes rescuing people with a height rescue device in theory and practice. By participating in our training courses, you will meet the requirements of DGUV Regulation 112-198 and DGUV Regulation 112-199 as well as the principles of prevention from DGUV Regulation 1.

Software for warehouse management and material flow control

With Savanna®, we offer software for all functions of automated storage systems. Through an intuitive user interface, it covers manual block warehouses as well as highly complex distribution centers. We train all operators to give instructions, book goods, adjust storage strategies, or retrieve warehouse data via on-site handheld panels, mobile data terminals, or workstations.
Our Warehouse Execution System

Safety in the warehouse

All staff involved in the storage system must be trained in occupational health and safety at least once a year. Furthermore, DGUV Regulation 1 Section 4 also requires us to communicate the rules and regulations of the accident insurers and legislator as comprehensibly as possible and to document the training – we will be happy to take care of this for you.

Rescue from heights

Anyone working at height is faced with a risk of falling. The professional associations stipulate that injured persons must be rescued from the danger zone as quickly as possible. Our expert trainers prepare participants of the “Rescue from heights” training course comprehensively according to DGUV Regulation 112-199 for emergency situations

Safe use of personal protective equipment

Each job at high altitude comes with its own challenges. We train your employees in matters related to their working environment on site and instruct them to safely use their Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE).

In addition, our experienced trainers also provide theoretical and practical examples of how to use special rescue equipment – from height rescue equipment to fully automatic rescue systems and ladder systems. 

Is your rescue equipment complete and functional? The safety of your staff depends on it. Therefore, we go beyond merely providing training courses and will check your personal protective equipment against falls, the associated guided-type fall arresters and ladder before the training.

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All employees will receive a certificate of successful completion of our safety training course in theory and practice – your optimum preparation both for day-to-day work and for emergencies.

Consultation on PFPE and plant safety according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)

Make sure to use the appropriate PFPE against fall from a height for your high-bay warehouse. To check that this is the case we will carefully inspect the on-site conditions at your premises. We will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice and information on the topic of PEE against fall from a height in the high-bay warehouse.

Our tip: Safety deficiencies should be remedied in accordance with the state of the art. As you will know, there is no right of continuance; therefore, all plants must continually be inspected in accordance with the latest industrial safety regulations to prevent safety deficiencies. We support you in assessing and upgrading your plant to the latest safety level.