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Your intralogistics in good hands

Intralogistics projects are large. They require targeted sprints and marathon qualities. As a general contractor for automated storage and conveyor systems, we combine both. More than half a century of experience in intralogistics projects with medium-sized and large companies. Expertise in logistics consulting and planning. Careful design, construction and manufacture of our own key technologies and key components for outstanding, high-performance, space- and energy-saving automated warehouses.

We also provide programming, support and service for the necessary warehouse management and material flow control software and IT infrastructure. We maintain a well-established network of specialized trades, such as steel racking and silo construction. And strategic suppliers of drives, sensors, roof and wall elements.

Benefiting from automation: How can we help?

Close cooperation from the start

Whether new installations, modernizations, or expansions: Logistics projects are as individual as you, your company, and your needs. And so are their timelines. Depending on their complexity, projects can last from a few months to several years. For good preparation and smooth management, we always provide you, our customer, with a project manager. Together with competent sub-project managers, they work within the time schedule to achieve the jointly set goals. This applies to all projects.

After the sales phase, our project managers take over the completed contract for a new plant. They are responsible for the technical specifications for the manufacture of our own components, for internal and external trades, and for the preparation of the installation plan. Even before the implementation of new plants and modernizations, they conduct intensive project planning discussions with you and all project participants. This close coordination pays off. Projects are completed faster. Retrofits are scheduled over several days and weekends to avoid disruptions to operations and system downtime.

Up to date, long system runtimes

We completely modernize your existing warehouse systems, bringing all electromechanical and control systems up to date. We also update and upgrade your software and IT for warehouse management and material flow control on request. In this way, we maintain the availability and performance of your system. Often the performance of high-bay warehouses and logistics systems can be increased even more by the latest technology.

Anti-Aging for my storage system

We offer new and existing installations as part of a coordinated overall system on a long-term basis from a single source and as a manufacturer. This is what we understand by sustainable warehouse systems. Because you benefit from a long lifecycle of your warehouse logistics system.  Do you have any questions? We are happy to answer them.