Our experience gained in many different logistics projects makes us the right fit for this role. We differentiate between new systems, expansions and modernization projects. These projects may run for several months or even years. That is why we generally assign one project manager to your project, who then liaises with our specialist sub-project managers to keep everything on track. 

In close-co-operation with the customer

After the sales phase, project managers take on the concluded contract for work and services for a new plant. They are responsible for the technical specifications in relation with their own works as well as works procured from third parties, all the way up to the creation of a layout plan.

Our project manager ensures the in-depth planning discussions needed in advance of modernization projects take place with you and others involved in the undertaking. As retrofits frequently stretch over several implementation dates and involve weekend work, we find such close coordination helps minimize system downtime.

Always up to date

While modernizing the electromechanical and control systems of our customers’ existing plants is a key focus, the software and IT equipment require just as much attention. These should also be upgraded over time to maintain, if not improve, your system availability and performance. Whether implementing a new system or upgrading an existing facility, the finely tuned complete system we offer you, straight from the manufacturer and all from a single source, helps ensure a long system life cycle.

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