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Announcing durable storage performance

A general overhaul of automated storage systems is usually highly recommended after 10 to 15 years of operation. Act in time and have your automated high-bay warehouse retrofitted. We will help you maintain the highest plant availability, react to necessary software updates in a forward-looking manner and have access to all required spare parts.

Retrofit is the process of upgrading systems and equipment to the latest technology. This can often be a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. Better sensors, actuators, and communication between software, control, storage, and conveyor technology can improve the performance of your storage system.

More precise controls, more energy-efficient drives, and more durable materials improve process and equipment efficiency, as well as safety. And reduce operating costs. And extend the life of your storage and handling systems. Work with us to plan your retrofit, whether for one of our storage systems or a third-party system. Future-proof your storage system with us.

Top advantages of our retrofits

Maximum planning and operational reliability: For maximum system availability of your storage system, we detect unsafe components early.

Retrofit during operation: We plan the complete overhaul in the long term, specifically and with foresight for minimal disruption to operations.

Complete mechanical and electrical overhaul: We offer a complete mechanical and electrical retrofit at a fair price.

Timely component replacement: We replace components in a timely manner, quickly procuring spare parts to prevent downtime and extend uptime.

Renewed life cycle: Retrofitting extends the life cycle of the equipment and preserves its value. It is also possible to increase the performance of the storage system.

Further advantages for your system runtime

We reduce the number of our suppliers to the most reliable partners. This saves us time and our customers organizational effort.

If desired, customers can perform the upgrade completely without their own personnel.

Our warehouse execution system Savanna.NET® keeps your warehouse management and material flow control software up to date. New functionality is seamlessly integrated as needed.

We customize and program our own programmable logic controllers, so our customers can rely on state-of-the-art control systems.

This is how we retrofit for you

Our customer service team can already tell whether a retrofit is recommended during their regular inspections. A timely retrofit such as updating the PLC control system or replacing hoisting chains and other parts of the drive technology ensures flawless production and delivery processes.

We update your storage system, your PLC control system as well as your warehouse management software and warehouse control software on request. We have several project managers, each with their own team, available for retrofitting your plant. The retrofit will be based on your production and warehouse logistics plans.

Save time and money

It usually takes four to six weeks from our analysis of your system to submitting a quotation, and up to another five months from the quotation to the acceptance of the overhauled system. In the quotation, we explicitly identify the unsafe and critical components and specify the expected modernization and maintenance phases during which the warehouse will not be in operation or in partial operation. With good preparation and depending on the complexity and size of your plant, a retrofit can be completed in a few weeks.

Rely on your storage technology

Even if your storage system has a few years under its belt, you can still rely on it. All you have to do? Let us take a competent look at your warehouse logistics. We will objectively analyze the current state and discuss with you transparently about the optimal and most economical measures. If you implement them, you can be sure that your warehouse is optimally positioned for the years to come. Do you have any questions? We look forward to answering them.


René Findling

René Findling has been responsible for Sales Modernization & Extensions at Westfalia since the end of 2019. He carries out the analyses and inventories in our customers' automated storage systems as well as in third-party systems in Germany and abroad. The trained energy electronics engineer and business economist appreciates nice customer contacts.

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