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When a company grows, its warehouse capacity generally needs to grow with it. In many cases, a new warehouse is then planned and built. In 2015, the global packaging and paper specialist Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH hired Westfalia as a general contractor to implement the envisaged new build of a silo-style high-bay warehouse a good 28 meters tall and 77 meters wide. Thanks to the new central warehouse, two previously rented external warehouses could be dispensed with, significantly reducing the cost of warehouse logistics.

Unmixed and multiple units deep

Since then, the fully automatic high-bay warehouse comprises 6,232 rack positions for corrugated cardboard formats on euro, industrial, H1 and disposable pallets. Three storage and retrieval machines, each equipped with a Satellite® for load handling, convey the corrugated cardboard products through the warehouse. Two storage and retrieval machines perform the necessary multiple transports and retrievals in pairs which ensures high speed of retrieval. Meanwhile, an additional storage and retrieval machine at the centre of the warehouse performs a sorting function and stores the articles unmixed and multi-deep in the appropriate channels.

The new storage system now enables Mondi to schedule larger batches in their production planning system. Central storage has also reduced setup times and enhanced the corrugated cardboard manufacturer’s general dispatch readiness.

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