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In 2013, a modern corrugated cardboard factory is constructed in Bad Wörishofen in the centre of Europe. It produces hundreds of tonnes of corrugated cardboard packaging every day. As a major manufacturer of large-size packaging, Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG has been relying on logistics solutions from Westfalia for many years. After ten years of cooperation, the corrugated cardboard manufacturer commissions Westfalia with building its third fully automatic high-bay warehouse.

The express route from order to dispatch

The special feature of this warehouse is its combination. The aim was to decouple the corrugated cardboard plant’s production of corrugated cardboard from the further processing area and this in turn from the dispatch zone. This allows the plant to work at maximum capacity 24/7 so that all products can be readied at any time. In the Satellite® storage system, the Savanna.NET® logistics software maps all the logistical warehouse requirements, for both palleted and unpalleted products, interacting perfectly with the upstream and downstream processes.

Flexible options

The warehouse is at the heart of the entire industrial park. It ensures optimum flow of materials for storing and retrieving unfinished, semi-finished and finished goods in the high-bay warehouse. In addition, it performs a buffering and picking function for corrugated cardboard products. Basically, this allows producing articles whose raw materials come not from the corrugated cardboard production line but from the warehouse. The products are transported to the production line via the high-bay warehouse and returned from there as finished goods. The dispatch area is also separated from the production line so that even large batches can be manufactured and put in intermediate storage. This reduces setup times.

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