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Modernization and expansion of storage systems

Your warehouse logistics are central to your business success. The internal movement of goods has enormous potential for improving process efficiency. Sometimes manual and automated warehouses and conveyor lines reach their limits. Often, the old equipment is no longer state of the art. They need to be upgraded to meet current requirements. And to comply with safety standards based on the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. The components are subjected to heavy wear and tear in daily continuous operation.

We will provide you with a realistic view of the condition of your existing installation. Regardless of whether it is a Westfalia system or a third-party installation. So that you can objectively weigh up whether you should invest in a completely new system. Or whether a general overhaul would be more worthwhile. We will show you the possibilities to prolong the life cycle of your installation under economic aspects.  Or to open up new opportunities through expansion. Rely on our experts to help you make the most economical decision. And with our modernizations, you can make the storage logistics of your Westfalia or third-party systems fit for the future.

There are several reasons why modernizing, retrofitting, or expanding your warehouse and material handling equipment may make sense or even be unavoidable. They increase cost-effectiveness through high predictability. They improve the availability and reliability of warehouse logistics. System performance is increased, and system downtime can be avoided. Warehouse capacity can be expanded. And personal safety is guaranteed. Warehouse logistics comply with all directives and regulations.

In addition to the manufacturer, you as the operator are primarily responsible for providing adequate documentation. Let us convince you of viable modernization solutions. We fulfill our obligations as a manufacturer and support you as a plant operator in complying with operational safety. Based on the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), we recommend the optimal modernization measures in each case. As far as possible, you avoid significant - and therefore documentation-requiring and usually more expensive - changes to the plant.

Our four types of modernization

The four types of upgrades will affect your facility to varying degrees. A mix may make sense. If necessary, we can also upgrade your warehouse management and material flow control software. We offer everything from component replacements to enhancements that focus on the interface between the old and new systems.