Corrugated cardboard manufacturers face particular challenges when handling cut-to-size and semi-finished products due to the varying dimensions of the unit loads. The goods are transported and stored with or without loading aids. These are oversized unit loads measuring one or more metres in length and/or width.

Corrugated cardboard processors, on the other hand, typically deal with finished goods on pallets. They have the important logistical task of planning the most economical use of space so as to generate the maximum number of storage spaces.


Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH

For Mondi, Westfalia creates the necessary storage capacity through construction of a new fully automated high-bay warehouse.

Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG

Westfalia implements a new high-bay warehouse  for cut-to-size, semi-finished and finished products as the heart of an industry park in Bad Wörishöfen.

Wellformat GmbH & Co. KG

Construction of a new logistics centre with a high-bay warehouse in silo design and upstream dispatch for rear and side loading.

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