Do you still remember the last gift you received or the last time you stuck your hand into a packet of crisps? Didn’t the packaging add to the suspense or get your mouth watering? Whether used to protect products, to facilitate transport and storage, for advertising purposes or to maintain quality, packaging has long been much more than simply an outer covering. It is a must for goods of all kinds

Westfalia has proven itself a dependable partner to the packaging industry for many years, developing customised automation solutions tailored to the specific needs of this sector. We believe in letting you focus fully on what you do best and ensuring our automated storage systems bring you long-lasting gains.

Your logistics project can benefit from our experience, which we have proven time and again in systems implemented all over the world. This expertise produces practical, forward-looking warehouse logistics solutions. Read on to find out more.


Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard manufacturers face particular challenges due to the varying dimensions of the unit loads. We have already proven our capabilities on projects for many companies.


We address the requirements of your industry using technology designed for very light and high and also very heavy and long unit loads. We have covered this wide spectrum in various projects.

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