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New possibilities, manageable costs

Offering new products, changing packaging dimensions, or changing or increasing your production capacity will significantly influence your warehouse logistics. The height of the rack spaces can be too low, the manner in which the warehouse is used may no longer be suitable, or the throughput is no longer sufficient. Is the construction of a new building too expensive?

Allow us to review whether your existing plant would be better served by a conversion or an expansion. This will allow you to save money compared to starting a project “from scratch”. You can quickly and efficiently modify your automated storage system to suit your requirements and align transport routes and logistics processes to your production system. In addition, you may save time-consuming approval procedures because you will be using the existing structures as a basis. Upgrade your warehouse instead of building new ones!

Whether or not it makes sense to convert your existing storage system, or your logistics will be determined by a feasibility study. Our experts will base their work on your logistics requirements and, in doing so, will individually develop a sustainable concept. 

Top advantages of our warehouse conversion

Readjust for production: We adapt material flow and storage locations to new load carriers, product formats, packaging dimensions or packaging types.

Conversion for change of use: If something changes in the type or scope of use, we can retroactively integrate a picking or shipping zone, for example.

Trim for performance: We rebuild for new performance requirements, such as increasing throughput with faster putaway lines and transfers.

Converting goods routes: If logistical changes occur, we can, for example, rebuild and technologically optimize material flow paths.

Increase capacity and space utilization: Even a conversion creates more space in aged warehouses, e.g., between hall trusses using space-saving Satellites.

Other advantages of rebuilt storage systems

Instead of installing new conveyor technology, we plan and implement topological changes in your existing warehouse. We relocate the conveyors, create shorter paths, and optimize storage and retrieval. A redesigned warehouse can move more pallets per hour and significantly increase handling capacity.

If needed, we can logistically reconnect your production to optimize your material flows. Or we can retrofit your warehouse technology for new products, such as changing from a deep-freeze to a normal-temperature warehouse.

These changes can place new demands on operational safety. We integrate the safety concept of the conversion into the overall system and avoid unnecessary costs for its operational safety.

Thanks to experienced technicians and optimal resource planning, the warehouse takes shorter breaks during the conversion. Our goal is to minimize disruption to operations during the expansion phase.

If you wish, we can perform the conversion without your own personnel. We provide the necessary skilled personnel for mechanics, electrics, PLC control, software, rack design and assembly, and plant safety.

Conversion without detours

Your storage system no longer fits your product portfolio? Time to rethink. Let us show you the decisive adjusting screws. We get to the point in a fact-based and transparent manner. You get a clear picture of whether a conversion is a realistic option.

Depending on the complexity and scope of the project, the feasibility study and design phase can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The duration of the actual conversion also depends heavily on the complexity of the project.

Conversions are highly customized projects. An off-the-shelf warehouse falls short. But planning pays off: With the necessary experience of the intralogistics specialists you entrust, a conversion can save you crucial investment funds, personnel expenses, and a great deal of your own planning effort.

Whether you want to automate or improve a block storage system, a flow storage system, a paper roll storage system, a day storage system, a deep-freeze storage system or a fresh food storage system: We turn your ideas into inspiring concepts and implement them quickly and competently as a general contractor. Contact us, we are happy to answer your questions.


Martin Schaper

Martin Schaper has been working for Westfalia for more than 30 years, initially for 15 years in the project planning of new systems. He then took on new challenges in the area of modernization. His areas of specialization include the conversion and expansion of automated storage systems. He is motivated by developing successful blueprints for satisfied customers who thereby save both costs and effort.

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