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Reliable automated storage systems may consistently deliver the necessary throughput over many years. This requires predictive maintenance and anticipatory spare parts management. Our spare parts service, part of our system support offering, helps ensure that your automated storage system remains reliable and productive decades after successful commissioning.

We can take the pressure off you with our recommendations. We explain in detail which spare parts you should keep to hand. We store or equip your warehouse with the most in demand spare parts. With our large and long established network of suppliers we ensure the best possible delivery times for quality components in keeping with prevailing market conditions. Once available, our competent field service technicians can quickly replace and install the parts.

Our Spare Parts Service has a “Guiding Role”

Our service agreements allow you to opt for inspections of the electromechanics, PLCs and/or IT of your automated storage system. The inspections include recommendations on which individual parts or assemblies to stock as spare parts.

For example, chain wheels are replaced in connection with a hoisting chain. For current cable trolleys, it is often recommended to replace cable pulleys and cable at the same time. We determine which solution is most likely to ensure continued smooth operations in your specific case. By following our recommendations, you will have the required assemblies and parts at hand for maintenance.

We will prepare a quotation for the spare parts required, for installation and repair of the storage system or for repairing any defects we find during inspection or while providing support. If you wish, we carry out replacement and installation: our more than 30 field service technicians and our office staff will quickly handle your service call.

Spare Parts Availability

We keep our own stock of standard spare parts such as common drive wheels, guide rollers, support rollers, chains and pneumatic parts. Specific components for our own systems are manufactured in-house – a particular advantage of choosing Westfalia.

As a manufacturing company, we produce storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) and conveyor units, including PLCs, and develop warehouse management and material flow control software. This means that we can produce and deliver within hours items such as a satellite cable for our patented warehouse technology with Satellite®.

Spare parts sourced from suppliers, e.g. drive components, motors, or gears, are procured as quickly as possible under the prevailing market situation. Thanks to years of cooperation and a good network we know which purchasing channels are the most effective. In short, send us your defective spare part and we will take care of the rest.

Your benefits

We keep standard spare parts in stock

We procure specific spare parts promptly

Spare parts procurement for customer-specific storage

We produce to order and deliver parts and assemblies for proprietary systems within a matter of hours

Long-standing supplier relationships and a good supplier network safeguard the spare parts supply

Installation and repair services available depending on customer requirements

For an overview of your planning advantage and all cost benefits please visit the component replacement page.

Are you interested in our spare parts service, other services or service packages, or would you like advice on system support and upgrades? Please contact us! We look forward to your questions.