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Food packaging is supposed to protect its contents, while at the same time presenting the goods to customers in an attractive manner. This is Bartling’s speciality as a producer of tailor-made packaging for the food industry. Modern production equipment that guarantees highest quality standards, as in the case of Bartling, need to be accompanied by a modern, tailor-made warehousing solution. So it is no coincidence that we worked with Bartling in 2011 to build a new, central high-bay warehouse at the company’s site in Borgholzhausen.

Modern fire safety precautions

Now two storage and retrieval machines with Satellites for load handling, store and retrieve both euro pallets and H1 plastic pallets in and from 5,980 rack positions. The 2 aisle Satellite® storage system with long-side-first vehicles for two unit loads is also equipped with customised fire safety features. An inertisation system is used here, designed to meet fire load and fire safety code requirements by reducing oxygen content.

At the heart of the system is the Savanna.NET® warehouse management and material flow software. Combining mechanical and control systems, it ensures optimum warehouse utilisation. This enables customers’ orders to be processed speedily and exact to standard. Shipments are held ready in the dispatch zone in time for final loading.

In 2018, Bartling added another 1 aisle Satellite® storage system with 1,365 rack positions to the overall warehouse logistics. Since then the warehouse has accommodated further plastic packaging made by the family enterprise. It goes without saying that the warehouse is also fully automated by means of Savanna.NET®.

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