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More and more consumers opt for a healthy, sustainable and health-conscious diet. The product portfolios of many general stores and health food shops now reflect this trend. One company that produces and sells organic natural food is Midsona Deutschland GmbH. Muesli and other cereal products, pulses, dried fruit, oilseeds and superfoods – these are just some of the organic produce that Midsona offers under the brand name of Davert.

To ensure safe storage of this wide range of products, in 2017 Westfalia built a turnkey high-bay warehouse for Midsona in Ascheberg, a small town in the Münsterland region of Germany. In the 2-aisle double-deep warehouse comprising 7,344 rack positions, Euro and industrial pallets are handled by two storage and retrieval machines with telescopic forks. The intra-logistic processes are controlled by the warehouse management and materials flow software Savanna.NET®.

Driverless mapping of transport routes

Lengthier transport routes are not travelled using continuous conveyors, but driverless transport system vehicles. These automated and driverless floor-bound vehicles pass two unit loads to a lift table, where the unit loads are then separated for further transport and storage.

Fireproof storage

To protect the silo-style high-bay warehouse and the products against potential fire, the warehouse has been inertised so that the reduced oxygen content means that no fire can break out.

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