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Successful business is based on a highly dynamic and closely timed flow of goods. On-time deliveries, smooth production processes as well as effective and reliable supply chains depend on efficient logistics management, capable of coping with challenges such as time pressure, fluctuating order quantities and batch sizes, a large variety of products as well as high demands on quality, price and sustainability.

In order to obtain the maximum output of each supply chain and production line, our Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System meets these challenges with maximum system compatibility and stability, high ease of use, streamlined process management, precise data analysis and a range of functions that outperforms any stand-alone software solutions. The crucial success factor and heart of a seamless logistics system is its software.

The objective of Savanna.NET® is to visualize all processes in a clear and informative way, generate warehouse strategies, and control the most complex material flows to pave the way to success for the business. This goal has been achieved. Savanna.NET® has been the proven tool of successful warehouse logistics and supply chain automation since 2005 and continues to grow with the challenges of our customers.

Warehouse Execution System: a one-stop solution

Warehouse Execution System – these three words describe the entire control and visualization of your high-bay warehouse or the entire cluster of automated warehouse locations. The Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) integrates all functions for warehouse management and material flow control tasks in a single application.

  • Entering data at the incoming goods department
  • Managing inventory in real-time
  • Managing and compiling order lists for incoming and outgoing goods
  • Controlling storage and retrieval machines and material handling equipment in real time in the entire warehouse
  • Digitally mapping order picking processes
  • Defining specific requirements for the picking process
  • Centrally processing daily inventory and transaction data
  • Seamless long-term tracking of all relevant data via the statistics database

Close interlinking and many benefits

Due to the close interlinking of both functionalities the system is able to exchange data between warehouse management and warehouse controlling much more efficiently. As a result, both communication and control of warehouse applications and the use of various function-specific software applications are significantly simplified. As an integrated solution, Savanna.NET® has many distinct advantages over separately implemented warehouse management and material flow control systems.

  • Rapid scaling through standardization: a WES can centrally manage, control and synchronize any number of warehouses.
  • Maximum accuracy, transparency, security, and consistency of data; no scattering losses or duplicate data records
  • Central application allows shorter user training periods
  • Central role management ensures maximum data security and clear workflows
  • Lean design: the system only implements functions that are necessary.
  • Flexible implementation in the existing IT infrastructure with backup solutions including cloud, high-performance servers and connection of peripheral devices
  • Flexible connection to applications, web-based services, virtual environments, PLC systems and host-based systems such as ERP systems
  • Flexible adaptation to customer-specific processes, guidelines and interfaces required to map the operational requirements
  • Less time and effort for IT support compared to stand-alone systems
  • Faster and permanent release and update option

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