Increase your performance with an automated high-bay warehouse

Thanks to their efficient use of area and space, high-bay warehouses provide a high storage capacity for pallet rack positions. This ensures optimum utilization of premises and more efficient intralogistics through optimized material flow paths. Especially where large amounts of goods with a high handling capacity need to be stored within a limited area on site, high-bay warehouses are recommended in order to minimize logistics costs. 

The higher level of automation of our fully automated storage systems offers you an economical alternative to manual rack storage operated by forklift trucks in existing, self-supporting buildings. Customized to suit your particular needs, our warehouse logistics solutions help you store goods fast and with high precision, increasing your goods turnover and delivery readiness. This gives you greater cost efficiency and scalability.


Use cases

Optimized performance through automation


Single-deep high-bay warehouses
Single-deep storage in a single-bay warehouse allows direct access to each unit load. This type of warehouse provides several aisles equipped with a storage and retrieval machine. Typically, the load handling device is a telescopic fork which performs fully automated storage and retrieval operations. Accordingly, a wide variety of products with high performance requirements can be advantageously mapped in a single-deep high-bay warehouse.   

Efficient space utilization thanks to tailor-made rack storage


Double-deep high-bay warehouses
In a double-deep storage system, the respective compartment is designed for two unit loads one behind the other. If there are different products in each compartment, this warehouse layout allows only every second access to the respective unit loads. This type of storage in a high-bay warehouse provides better utilization of space compared to single-bay warehouses. However, if there is a large diversity of articles, this warehouse type has certain limitations which also affect the degree of warehouse utilization.   


Compact storage for maximum storage capacity


Multi-deep high-bay warehouses
In a Satellite® storage system, unit loads are stored multi-deep. Storage is carried out by the Satellite® which serves as a load handling device. In order to service the entire warehouse, only one SRM is required to service both the left and the right storage blocks in a best-case scenario. Depending on the performance requirements, it is possible to use several SRMs in one aisle or to add aisles as required. This type of warehouse ensures optimal space utilization.

The Aviator® uses several Satellites® to pick up and drop off the stacks of corrugated cardboard. Since different formats may have to be stored together, there must be the option of flexible arrangements. The Aviator® uses its satellites to map these arrangements, storing several cardboard stacks next to and behind one another in any number of different arrangements.

Solutions for every branch of industry

Warehouse system solutions tailored to your specific tasks are our trademark. We have implemented a wide range of fully automated storage system projects as a general contractor over several decades. Learn more about our projects completed in the food, beverage, and packaging industries or contact us for references from other industries.


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