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A powerful Warehouse Execution System such as Savanna.NET® requires a stable and secure hardware platform for reliable warehouse management and material flow control. Depending on your needs, Westfalia can supply the hardware required for your logistics system as a one-stop solution. Being a company of WORTMANN Group, we are on close terms with one of Germany’s leading vendors of outstanding IT infrastructure.

Together with WORTMANN AG, we offer our customers TERRA servers and TERRA workstations in tried-and-tested quality. All equipment is manufactured in Germany and subject to strict checks. If so required, we will provide you with the necessary equipment and related software, customized and geared towards your specific Savanna.NET® installation. Our IT infrastructure is the backbone of a powerful and reliable automated storage system that takes your processes along the supply chain to a new level. Our IT support ensures sustainable security, efficiency, and stability of the system.

Benefits of an IT infrastructure sourced from a single provider

Functionality and price are geared exactly towards your needs

Quick Savanna.NET® installation on TERRA products

Comprehensive system knowledge ensures optimum IT support

We recommend TERRA IT. Of course Savanna.NET® will also run on other third-party vendor hardware that you may prefer. You still have all options: You can either provide the desired hardware yourself or request us to procure and have it installed for you.

How we employ servers and workstations

Servers consist of physical hardware components and server operating software. In large corporate networks, servers bundle many key processes. The computer system provides services to other connected computers, so-called clients.

Apart from large, high-performance servers located in “racks” where the physical server components are combined, smaller, network-attached storage (NAS) devices also offer server services, e.g. as storage devices. Performance, scale, and options vary depending on the tasks required and are tailored by us accordingly:

TERRA Servers

The server is the central hardware element of Savanna.NET®. Users interact with Savanna.NET® via powerful PCs – the workstations. Typical processes include incoming material as well as control center and information functionalities:

TERRA Workstations

Sustainably secure the effectiveness of your Savanna installation in conjunction with our IT infrastructure. Any questions? Please get in touch and we will happy to answer your queries.