Integrate our experience into your planning

Linear supply chains in your procurement, production, and distribution logistics processes can help you be even more successful and closer to your customers. The key to all this is your intralogistics. Does an automated warehouse or an expansion or modernisation of your high-bay warehouse make sense for you? This is the central question which our experts who have decades of experience can answer. Our consulting and planning services help provide clarity about your logistics project.

We will recommend only what we are convinced of

We take responsibility and will tell you openly which storage system is right for you. We are committed to supporting you as our customer of many years’ standing or winning you as a new customer. Therefore, when our specialists develop and implement a storage system for you, they do so because we are fully convinced of the efficiency, performance, and reliability of that system. Every storage system that we implement helps you get more planning security.

Top quality based on experience

At your request, we will plan your high-bay warehouse from the first idea sketch, addressing recommendations of your logistics specialists and leading your project from conception to the detailing phase and all the way to implementation. We will effectively advise you until full implementation of an automated supply chain. This includes automating large parts of your supply chain beyond ordinary standards—helping you gain a critical technical advantage over your competition.

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