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Count on our experience

You can be more successful and closer to your customers with straightforward supply chains in procurement, production, and distribution logistics. The lynchpin is your intralogistics. Does an automated warehouse, an expansion or modernization of your high-bay warehouse make sense for you? This is the central question that our experts answer with decades of experience. Our advice and planning will give you clarity about your logistics project.

We only recommend what we believe in. We take responsibility for telling you which storage system is right for you. When our experts design and implement a storage system for you, it is because we are convinced of its cost-effectiveness, performance, and reliability, and we want to support you as a long-time customer or win you over as a new customer. With every storage system implemented, you get more planning certainty.

Benefit from automation: How can we help?

Intralogistics at the highest level

Depending on your needs, we can design your high-bay warehouse from the initial sketch, incorporate the recommendations of your logistics experts, and take your project from concept through detailing to implementation. We advise you effectively all the way to an automated supply chain. This includes the ability to automate large parts of your supply chain that go beyond the standard - giving you the technological edge over the competition.

Products for automated storage systems
Anti-Aging for my warehouse