In the planning phases, and most particularly in the detailed planning, we will join with you in defining the operational and logistical requirements, and our experts will then help transform these into technical specifications. The specifications are vital for the design of the warehouse layout and for project implementation.

If you require space-saving storage for your goods, high-density storage will provide optimum space utilisation. This is reflected in the optimum storage capacity of a warehouse system. By deciding to use multi-deep storage, you will free up space for production lines or other purposes.


(Schweiz) AG

In the heart of the Swiss mountains, Westfalia implements another high-bay warehouse with new conveyor routes that go right through to the shipping department.

Midsona Deutschland GmbH

In the Münsterland region of Germany, a turnkey, fire-protected, high-bay warehouse in silo design is created.

Kampffmeyer Mühlen GmbH

To optimise travel distances and access times, Westfalia builds a new, automated high-bay warehouse with integrated picking.

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