Our automatic warehouse systems, as well as our loading and unloading systems, have been specially designed for use in the lower temperature ranges. Whether for refrigeration or for deep freeze right down to -30 °C, our equipment is guaranteed to give you high performance, availability, energy efficiency—and ultimately cost-efficiency.

When deciding on investments, you need to know not only the initial cost of acquisition, but also the ongoing operating costs. Energy consumption is a factor that drives up costs in any warehouse system, and the fewer cubic meters of space that need to be refrigerated, the lower it is. High-density warehouses have the most advantageous energy balance in relation to the number of storage units.


Jan Zandbergen B.V.

Construction of a fully automated deep-freeze finished product warehouse for high-quality meat products.

Kloosterboer B.V.

New, fully automated deep-freeze warehouse with more than 35,000 pallet rack positions in Lelystad, the Netherlands.


A new, fully automated deep-freeze warehouse for storing vegetables – both raw produce and finished products.

Molkerei Ammerland eG

Construction of a high-bay warehouse as a maturing warehouse for cheese and other dairy products.

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