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Each storage system requires specific solutions. This is true particularly for electronic peripherals such as printers, identification systems or scanners. Peripheral devices get their name from the fact that they are located outside a system’s central units.

The peripherals of the system vary strongly depending on their purpose. They consist of input and output units for data or commands exchanged with the central unit, acting in a sense as the “eyes” or decentralized operating components of the storage system, for instance in order to transmit instructions and data to the Warehouse Execution System (WES) from the warehouse, the receiving station, or the order picking or dispatch zones.

Large functional scope ensures transparency and flexibility

One example are mobile endpoints such as handhelds or tablets equipped with scanners for bar codes, QR codes or NFC chips. They allow data collection, confirmation of processes, and user navigation through the WES. In the case of Savanna.NET® CrossClient, the mobile endpoint communicates with the WES. This application combines all intralogistics functions. It uses native functions of various mobile devices and operating systems as well as highly efficient code libraries.

In the application users can, depending on the requirements of the project, perform picking and forwarding tasks; schedule truck routes; bundle, order, and move unit loads; display malfunctions in real-time; instruct and acknowledge the elimination of faults; and carry out stock-taking.

Our systems are flexible and compatible with many commercially available peripheral devices. Whatever your needs, we offer you cost-efficient, practically proven and established as well as user-friendly equipment that significantly minimizes the risk of faulty entries leading to process errors.

Your Westfalia benefits

Compatible complete system

Cost-efficient accessories

Established supplier network

Proven high-quality accessories

Seamless implementation

24/7 support

Key questions about your peripheral devices

Are software and hardware up to date and still being supported?

The more advanced a peripheral device, the lower the risk of interface problems. In addition, it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain spare parts for terminated devices. Make sure that hardware and software are still being supported and that spare parts are available, otherwise you may risk significant and costly faults and down time of your operating, storage, and distribution processes. We will be happy to advise you on how to transition before it is too late.

How robust and long-lasting are your peripheral devices?

Especially in an industrial environment, established brands and suppliers with a good track record in durability, shock resistance, and resistance to soiling are a significant cost factor. We have over 50 years of industry and market experience and can furnish you with high-quality devices for use in tough intralogistics and chilled and deep-freeze warehouse environments. Do you have any questions about the requirements for your peripheral devices? Our experts will be pleased to answer your questions.