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Westfalia has been integrating warehouse management systems into existing customer processes for several decades. This calls for a process- and interface-oriented approach and integration. Savanna.NET® closes the gaps in your company through data-oriented interfaces for communication with other in-house systems and through internal interfaces that connect the Savanna.NET® functional units.

Intuitive User Interface

The Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a robust, user-friendly application that provides a flexible, yet logical, user interface. The WES client allows for intuitive navigation throughout the application, and areas of functionality are divided into menus and specific actions. These actions may be initiated using several different methods and shortcuts, allowing operators to select their preferred method. System operators are provided with a variety of tools to manage data, including grid views, sorting options, and complex filtering tools.

A key advantage of intuitive interface design is that personnel across a wide range of computer and language skill levels can use Savanna.NET warehouse software integration with more confidence and less training than what accompanies software platforms designed with only technically proficient users in mind.

Interface for material flow automation

Savanna.NET® communicates efficiently with various types of automated material handling equipment and transport vehicles via a standardised interface. Savanna eliminates the need for separate WMS/WCS applications with its integrated systems. The WCS functions of Savanna.NET® manage the orchestration of the equipment to store, retrieve and transport your items and products. Savanna assigns specific jobs via an internal interface to the software functionalities responsible for the material flow, which dynamically calculate the most efficient route through your warehouse based on how things currently stand.

Connecting to material handling equipment helps our customers optimize IT and operations management and processes. Multiple software platforms would provide additional layers of programming and integration, and increase technical support costs and susceptibility to disruption, which can have a significant impact on productivity, quality and service.


With a standardized XML-based host interface, Savanna.NET® can be easily integrated into existing warehouse management workflows to complement or replace warehouse management and control. Savanna.NET® communicates with host-based ERP applications via messages. Supported is a collection of commands and events that control warehouse facilities and user actions in response to the host ERP.


Customization within Savanna.NET® traditionally focuses on the implementation of customer-specific business rules and modifications to the host interface that may be necessary to accommodate the unique aspects of a customer’s business.

With customization, Savanna.NET® can support most third-party protocols and has a very fluid message transmission. Savanna.NET® natively supports host ERP message transmission through TCP/IP sockets, AQ, MSMQ, and a shared database messaging table (hosted in the Savanna.NET® database).