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Reduce rack space costs, increase capacity

Does your automated high-bay warehouse no longer meet your capacity, handling, or intralogistics needs? A warehouse expansion may be the ideal solution. Sometimes an expansion fits your mid-term plans better than a new building - for example, when commercial space is limited, or existing warehouses can be perfectly reused for intralogistics. Use your existing storage system as a basis. And significantly increase your storage capacity.

Rack space costs may be lower than for a new building. Well-planned expansions may be faster and cheaper to implement. Savings potential also results from the use of existing technology. Existing vehicles such as storage and retrieval machines and transfer cars can be used more extensively, rails can be extended in hall expansions, for example, or conveyor connections can be upgraded.

We help you to identify these potentials, to assess them against new construction options and to take advantage of them. A feasibility analysis will determine whether an expansion is compatible with your existing warehouse system or logistics and whether it is economically worthwhile. Our experts take up your logistical perspectives and develop a viable overall concept.

Top advantages of our warehouse expansion

Expanding production by expanding storage: We mirror high performance production with more high-performance storage capacity.

Better use of real estate: Changes in use require additional picking or freezing zones, for example, which we implement through expansion.

Adapt warehouse performance: We implement new performance requirements, such as higher throughput, by expanding layout, storage, and material handling equipment.

Adapt logistics: We accommodate logistical changes, such as increased product variety, by adding or expanding storage and shipping zones.

More economical storage: We can increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a warehouse with precisely tailored expansions in technology and layout.

Other advantages of your Warehouse plus

Shorter warehouse downtime during expansion due to experienced technicians and optimal resource planning. Our goal is to minimize disruption to operations during the expansion phase.

If you wish, you can do the expansion without your own personnel. We provide the necessary skilled personnel for mechanical, electrical, PLC control, software, rack design and assembly, and plant safety.

We expand and program the necessary programmable logic controllers ourselves. You can rely on state-of-the-art control systems. With Westfalia Terra Automation in Bremen, we have the expertise to build and program PLCs in-house.

We seamlessly integrate our storage system with the software you use. Switch to our all-in-one Savanna.NET® software. Or extend your Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System with all the functionality you need for material flow control and warehouse management.

Extended perspectives

Is your storage reaching its limits? It's all a matter of perspective! Let us explore all the options. Fact-based and transparent. You get a clear picture of whether expansion is a realistic option. Depending on the complexity and scope of the project, the feasibility study and design phase can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The duration of the actual expansion also depends on the complexity of the project and the warehouse layout.

Expansions are individual projects, but the additional planning effort pays off as your business grows. Our experienced intralogistics specialists can implement expansions that significantly improve your storage capacity and logistics capabilities. We look forward to your questions and are happy to advise you.


Martin Schaper

Martin Schaper has been working for Westfalia for more than 30 years, initially for 15 years in the project planning of new systems. He then took on new challenges in the area of modernization. His areas of specialization include the conversion and expansion of automated storage systems. He is motivated by developing successful blueprints for satisfied customers who thereby save both costs and effort.

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