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Our pallet magazines

Empty pallets are probably the most common loading aid in conveyor and storage systems. If they are needed as carriers, a pallet magazine automatically feeds them in or removes them from the system in order to stack them and keep them ready in a space-saving manner. Here is an overview with technical standard values. We adapt our standards individually to project requirements at any time:


  • Standard version for transverse or longitudinal stacking
  • Empty pallets fed to and from stack
  • Unstacking unit separates pallets
  • Stacking unit collects pallets
  • Each equipped with gripper arms on both sides
  • Pallets transported via continuous conveyor



  • Dimensions: width, length, height depending on project
  • Drive: Electric gear motor
  • Equipment: 4 gripper arms with pneumatic cylinders
  • Stack volume: 12 pallets
  • Payload: up to 500 kg
  • Height: 2,600 mm at a conveyor height of 550 mm


Proven standards, never off the shelf

Our conveyor technology picks up your industry. As standard, it is designed for crosswise or lengthwise transport of Euro pallets according to DIN EN 13698-1, industrial pallets according to DIN EN 13698-2 or plastic pallets. But we also customize our systems for special pallets, other loading aids or palletless transport.

We transport different types of pallets, such as Euro pallets, industrial pallets, Düsseldorf pallets, plastic pallets or special pallets with payloads of up to 1.2 tons per load unit. We manufacture heavy-duty versions and other special designs on request.

Even the standard program takes different temperature zones into account. Components are designed for normal temperature storage, chilled storage and deep-freeze storage down to -35 °C. Several temperature zones can be combined in a single warehouse.

Our conveyor systems for pallets, boxes or other loading aids are flexible and modular. They are adapted to local conditions, with different construction heights and height-adjustable foot constructions. In the layout and design, we also pay attention to optimum accessibility for maintenance and ground clearance for cleaning.

Optimal material flow control through modern PLCs and our Warehouse Execution System Savanna® ensures energy-saving, safe, gentle and low-noise transport of your load units.