Business challenges are opportunities to find exceptional, compelling, and competitive solutions. We specialize in complex intralogistics tasks and take the most successful route with our customers – that of automated, intelligent material flows along the supply chain.

With warehouse logistics now more dynamic than ever, we ensure greater momentum in the SME sector with our automated storage systems: we plan, build and implement those solutions for different products, load carriers, and temperature zones, whether installed inside buildings or as self-supporting warehouses. With our Satellite® and telescopic forks key technologies, we are specialists for single-deep and double-deep storage systems and for compact warehousing for high-density storage.

Automated and Measured Steps Towards Success

Our storage and logistics systems enable our customers to easily interlink their raw material, semi-finished and finished goods warehousing with their production process, thus saving on real estate investments by fully utilizing their production halls and achieving more compact storage. They can combine and adjust their material flow and fill their orders more precisely and quickly – and save energy in the process. In addition, they can adapt both the machine and the software sides of their warehouse to new situations.

Take the first steps and get your intralogistics on a new track with us. Single- or multi-deep storage system – what’s your type? No two customers are the same. Through intensive analysis focusing on essential strategies and vital parameters, our experts can find your intralogistics “pain points” and determine where you can optimize your production process. We scrutinize your processes in great detail, drawing on our decades of experience in numerous industries.

We use two-ways communication to bring our knowledge to you in a personal, open, customer-focused, and expert manner. Which solution is right for you? We would be happy to advise you personally and provide you with a detailed answer and solid quote. For the time being, here’s an initial overview.


High-bay warehouses

When it comes to deciding on the right type of warehouse for you, what ultimately counts are your specific structural and design propositions, the identified, weighted criteria, and the logistical data and key figures. Westfalia has the expertise needed to create comprehensive system solutions.

Storage and retrieval machines

Our floor-bound and off-floor storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) can optimize your procurement, production and distribution logistics processes. Find out about our technologically advanced SRMs, vertical conveyors, transfer cars, and load handling devices.

Load handling device

With the key technologies of Satellite® and telescopic fork, Westfalia has designed precisely fitting and flexible storage systems that are suited to high loads and different sizes.

Conveyor systems

Are you aiming to achieve a continuous, smooth flow of materials within your intralogistics processes? Our modern conveyor systems offer a high degree of automation. They can be used anywhere within your facility, speeding up processes and offering full automation right through to the truck.

Control technology

We build and program powerful PLCs for controlling warehouse and handling technology. Thus, we provide end-to-end automated high-quality storage systems as a one stop solution.

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