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Partial or full automation of warehouse logistics is an ambitious process. It requires investment. In competent logistics planning, in target-oriented project management of the short wires. And in quality components. As a well-connected manufacturer of many key components of automated high-bay warehouses with more than 50 years of experience in planning, design, and project management, we have everything you need to automate your warehouse logistics.

Our products for warehouse automation

Storage and retrieval machines

Wir fertigen unsere Regalbediengeräte nach Maß. Damit lagern Sie Ihre Waren schnell, präzise, energieeffizient und materialschonend.

Conveyor Systems

Fast automated warehouse logistics, seamless interfaces. We create complex material flows in the tightest of spaces. And we think around corners as a matter of principle.

Control systems | PLC

We also supply the millisecond-fast nervous system for your automated high-bay warehouse: a programmable logic controller (PLC).