The basic structure of an SRM consists of a travel carriage to which one or more masts are attached, with the respective drive wheels, which move along a floor-bound travel rail. An SRM also features a lifting carriage with a load handling device, which moves vertically hoisted by chaines or steel wired rope and is guided along the masts. The drive units are specially designed for each project.

Storage systems with just one SRM are frequently used by our small and medium-sized enterprise customers in particular. Master & Servant® technology specifically developed for such an application can create partial redundancy in the travelling and lifting axes. Assemblies like these are used within our SRMs where it is cost effective to do so. Travelling and positioning are supported by twin mast structures as well as an overhead drive at the top of the SRM.

The actuator and sensor parts and components we use to manufacture and install our SRMs are proven operating equipment used in industry. Temperature requirements determine which electrical and mechanical parts are selected.


Technical Features

  • SEW drive technology with S7 control for high speeds and throughput values
  • Servo motors with traction converters for energy efficiency through interim circuit coupling
  • Communication with the warehouse management server via optical data transmission
  • Laser-based distance measurement in the travelling and lifting axes for precise positioning down to the millimetre
  • Accurate location positioning using a camera-based sensor
  • Load handling devices integrated into the lifting carriage, independent of manufacturer 
  • Particularly accessible equipment
  • Camera systems with real-time transmission for an all-encompassing system overview